Moth Day

Day 10 in the studio turned out to be moth day.  Started the day by drawing some moths in my art journal, totally inspired by some sculptures by Yumi Okita that I remembered from Pinterest.

Then I went ahead and made it into a tiny painting, my new favorite thing to do.

Here it is.  A giant leopard moth. I put it up for sale in my Etsy shop.


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Sunset Sky

Today’s work.  Day 2 on this painting, day 9 in the barn studio.

It was so gray today, raining hard, with the trees turning yellow.  It got to me!  And new neon acrylics.

Lots of coffee and gray skies remind me living in the Pacific NW.

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Malin Gabriella Nordin-Erik Wåhlström

Dorian Hiethaar (NL, 1951) Where nobody comes  (Acrylic, 70x80cm)
#artjournal drawings of paintings… What I do when I can’t think
Beginning to merge them #painting

Title : A Field at Gennevilliers
Artist : Claude Oscar Monet